The RoJ LiGht Bio

Just make sure you are getting royalties, go to flac to get it checked over and assert your IP right. Never sign your artistic  rights. You need to think about what you want to get out of it. I'd like to see them give you a lump sum and royalties for whatever they reuse it for. And your name in the credits. If its a case that you just want your work our there you may just settle for your name in the  credits in case they tell you where to go

It's all about what the footage is worth. How special it is.

Send whatever they give you to flac anyway and get them to check over it they are used to dealing with artists contracts

Also, re  your contract, it says that they are able to license it themselves to anyone else if they want. Its under the assignmeny section, para. 5

They can send your footage to a third party under the proposed agreement so it depends on whether you are comfortable with that