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Just make sure you are getting royalties, go to flac to get it checked over and assert your IP right. Never sign your artistic  rights. You need to think about what you want to get out of it. I'd like to see them give you a lump sum and royalties for whatever they reuse it for. And your name in the credits. If its a case that you just want your work our there you may just settle for your name in the  credits in case they tell you where to go

It's all about what the footage is worth. How special it is.

Send whatever they give you to flac anyway and get them to check over it they are used to dealing with artists contracts

Also, re  your contract, it says that they are able to license it themselves to anyone else if they want. Its under the assignmeny section, para. 5

They can send your footage to a third party under the proposed agreement so it depends on whether you are comfortable with that

If they did that could the third party still have to credit you is my question. Para. 6 deals with that with regard to what TV3 will use the footage for, does the obligation to credit your work apply to third parties that TV3 may license the footage to in the future. Just be aware of the value of that footage. If ISIS bombed Shannon it would be a great example of the jeopardy the irish people were put in when two unarmed civilians broke in a walked around for 40 minutes...But you might not care about that. You could ask for them to amend the contract which would prevent TV3 from licensing to third parties whilst maintaining their obligation to credit you. In this senario it would be a once off use of the footage.  You may feel differently if you had confirmation that if TV3 did license the footage to a third party, that you would be credited. If the whole Shannon thing blew up, excuse the pun, then you might be sad that you didn't ask for royalties. Yeah feck them. It's not even clear from that contract if a third party would even have to give you credits. You could ask them for royalties and royalties from any third party they passed it on to in addition to a lump sum of  say 700e. It's very rare footage. Liken that won't happen again you know? And it has the potential to be explosive, got forbid. If you smell a rat, don't do it.  But remember, you can negotiate. The general rules for an artist is to never sign away your IP rights and you are allowing TV3 to sell on and use your footage in whatever way they like. Ask them quite simply if they can offer you anything better given the rarity of the footage and also its potential if a terrorist attack were to take place at Shannon.

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